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Over the last decade, we have seen an unprecedented number of collegiate and NBA talent come out of the Oceania region. Current success stories such as Ben Simmons, Steven Adams, Dante Exum, Josh Giddey and Dyson Daniels represent only the start of an incoming wave of basketball talent from this part of the world, however a lack of exposure means many Australian and New Zealand prospects end up under recruited.

With this in mind, we have started this service with an aim to bolster the opportunities of prospects across Australia and New Zealand, and in turn help give college programs the extra edge that international recruitment provides.

Having informally facilitated pathways for Australian and New Zealand players through conversations between players and programs over recent years, we came to a conclusion that developing a formalised scouting service would revolutionise recruiting across Australia and New Zealand, allowing the full breadth of basketball talent in this area of the world the ability to gain a scholarship, contribute to an NCAA program, and maximise their basketball futures.

We’re both excited by the potential benefit of this service for both players and coaches, and are committed to providing valuable information to our clients.

– Michael Houben and Stevie Cozens, Airtime Australasian Scouting

This scouting service has been approved in accordance with NCAA bylaws, policies, and procedures. NCAA Division I basketball coaches are permitted to subscribe to this scouting service.


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